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판차 4th/2020
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In line with STCW requirements, navigating officers are required to maintain competence in their watchkeeping routines and practices when using ECDIS. The ECDIS Procedures Guide, 2020 Edition provides a framework, as well as supporting background information and checklists, to aid officers in fulfilling these requirements. It helps companies implement best practices in the use of ECDIS on board their ships.

The 2020 Guide has been updated to reflect the latest software and procedural changes. In addition, the 2020 guide features:

1) ECDIS S-Mode was approved at IMO MSC session 101 in 2019

An introduction to the new S-Mode and software updates affecting all new and updated ECDIS systems from 2020 to 2024.

2) The new Inspection question banks for 2020 ECDIS Audits

2019 witnessed an increase in skill gaps highlighted through 1312 ECDIS reported observations and detentions worldwide. In particular was a rise in lack of understanding of Safety Contour, UKC/CATZOC and ECDIS cyber security vulnerabilities. The new Inspection question banks for 2020 can be found in Chapter 11.3. All ECDIS Operators should ensure they can practically demonstrate the questions they may be asked.

3) Complete Type Specific Familiarisation for all 21 Manufacturers updated for 2020

Type Specific Familiarisation checklists and full Type Specific manufacturer pull-out guides have been increased to encompass all the 21 main ECDIS manufacturers. This satisfies the Type Specific Familiarisation requirement for any ship equipped with:

? SAM Electronics

? Chartpilot 1100

? ChartWorld eGlobe G2

? Danelec Marine ECDIS DM800 G2

? JRC JAN2000/701/901


? SIMRAD Maris ECDIS900 System

? Tokyo Keiki EC-7000-A-7500-A

? EC-8000-8500(-A) and 8100-8600 series


? iXblue Gecdis-C

? Raytheon Anschutz ECDIS NX

? Raytheon Anschutz Synapsis ECDIS

? Totem ECDIS

? Furuno FEA

? Furuno FMD

? JRC JAN 9201/7201

? Kelvin Hughes Manta Digital Widescreen

? Kongsberg K-Bridge


? SAM Platinum

? Sperry VisionMaster

? Transas Navi 4000.

4) A simple guide to CATZOC reliability

Section 4.10 is dedicated to clarifying ENC accuracy, use of CATZOC and UKC policy on ECDIS. CATZOC and UKC accounted for 72 observations in 2019 alone.

5) An example of a full ECDIS Navigation Audit required by owners to evaluate SMS

The 2020 court judgment of the the CMA CGM Libra grounding was the first time that poor passage planning rendered a vessel as ‘unseaworthy’. Although the owners argued due diligence was provided by the SMS, the court deemed the lack of navigation understanding as a “non-delegable duty”. Regulation 12 of the ISM Code requires ship owners to carry out internal safety audits and to periodically evaluate the effectiveness of the SMS. To that end, the 2020 ECDIS Procedures Guide provides new sections 11.1 and 11.2 which give examples of a robust Safety Audit of a ship where ECDIS is the primary means of navigation.

6) The Transition to S-100

S-57 ENCs will be replaced by S101 and in 2020, several new layers have begun integration into ECDIS. Section 1.5 looks at their capabilities and discusses their safe integration.

7) ECDIS Procedures for Cyber security

ECDIS equipment and the connected Bridge Sensors appeared last year in 171 observations for Cyber Security concerns. This has been a consistent increase over the last 5 years. Therefore, to update the ECDIS Procedures Guide 2020, section 9.4 has been created with ECDIS procedures for cyber security.

8) Details of countries that include T&Ps in weekly updates

Observations still indicate that T&P and chart updates are still misunderstood on some ships. Section 4.13 lists at

the 42 countries that do update T&P ENCs weekly, and the 25 countries that do not.

9) AIO Version 2 update and ECDIS manufacturer Type Specific compatibility list

Section 4.4 offers guidance on the use of AIO V2 utilised by ships with AVCS charting. This update also updates the list of the 17 manufacturers that can work with AIO v2 from the UKHO in 2020.

10) Pre-Port Arrival ? PSC ECDIS Preparation Activities (additional 30 minutes added)

Additional Support added to prepare ECDIS Operators for PSC inspection and for the latest practical demonstrations required based on common observations. There are now 14 pre-inspection activities that all ECDIS Operators are strongly advised to practise.